That Hexagon Turnbased Strategy

I am so in love with this game called “Brigandine: Legends of Forsena” that came out almost decade and a half ago for the original Playstation, but since then and until now I am still playing this gem of a game. My first favorite among the TBS (Turn Based Strategy) games is Tactics Ogre, but for some reason I find playing Brigandine more often.

These are what I liked about Brigandine:

  • The Epic War feel to it, which means you are to take on armies from multiple different countries on that Brigandine continent called “Forsena”.
  • In Brigandine, you control not just one troop but you control separate heroes or knights, each of them having multiple units fighting along side them. So apart from your main lord hero with its own troops, you also get vassals and with their own troops as well.
  • Medieval setting; swords, shields, knights and castles… and throw in some fantasy elements. People likes stuff like this and so do I.
  • Troops management; you can let your commanders to trade units for purpose of tactics; e.g. give the strongest units to a commander pushing an attack at an enemy castle
  • Those interesting roster of mythical creatures and monsters taken from different legends and mythologies.
  • The vast number of characters for each countries (some can be picked up by taking quests), although most of them are no-names and no-backgrounds.
  • The number of units in one battle; in Tactics Ogre you get around 10 units to fight on your side while Brigandine you get 7 times 3, to get into a fierce battle on a massive map.
  • I liked the potential aesthetics better on square grid based (Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics etc.) as we have seen when it was translated into 3d space, although I believe Hexagon brings out some advantages; for one it allows far more units to play around, units can attack or move on 6 directions which allows for more serious tactics, and finally the massive battle ground.

So now, the gamer part of me tells my developer part of me to make this game in Game Maker Studio. Why not?, this is my dream game, a turn based strategy, I know this has been done so many times before… but to remake your own most favorite game? is a lot better than playing them. At the same time though this is a lot of work that I have to commit myself into.

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2 Responses

  1. TradnuxTeej says:

    It’s still in development? Looks cool… It does thrown in exact same monster units from Brigandine.

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