Game Maker Studio now free

Hello, its been a long time since my last update but during those 2 or 3 years of GameMaker-ing absence I always had that excitement of getting back and do some more on this great hobby, but the really attractive invitation to go back is when I found out that YoYoGames offered the Game Maker Studio “Standard” for free, I came to know this when suddenly I felt opening one of my old projects in Game Maker 8.1 and saw the latest news from YoYoGames. GM:S being free is really good move by YYG nonetheless, it allows people to try out Game Maker without worrying about paying for it, however, aside from windows executables it doesn’t produce games for all other platform and mobile devices it supports unless you pay for each exporting modules (Yes, Game Maker can now output products on mac os, android, ios, html5, etc. after GM8.1). It’s not that I don’t want to pay any money to the maintainers of Game Maker, I just don’t have a significant closure of turning this hobby into a career to continue purchasing new GM licenses, but the free GM:S gives me a reason to re-learn and get updated of the current state of what GameMaker is now capable of and for me to adapt to this new versions. So many changes, there are lots of codes on my old projects that are using obsolete functions, so I need to get back on track of everything and once I do, I’ll pay YoYoGames for the export modules and of course create great products again.

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