GM Version: GM7
File Size: 1.32 Mb
Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 or higher
Changes Screen Resolution: not yet


What is Monz’tor?

this is a little program that allows you to create new custom pocket monsters by attaching different body parts (premade graphics). I’d like to call it a sprite generator (just like what they say with Charas.EX as a charset generator)… but this program will not automatically generate new random monsters for you in one click, you still need to work a little bit. but its easier since i already did most of of the hard part that most of you (“you” as in those who creates topics in Graphics forum requesting for pokemon sprites.) can’t probably do by yourselves… which is the creation of sprites.

Of course this little tool is still on its early stages, so bugs are still inevitable… and also the library of premade graphics are still few… but that’s not a problem for me, i could always make more since i am an artist (and i’m starting a very meticulous study with pokemon sprites)… but first i need to perfect the program itself since this is the user interface required for this to work.

i am not a stranger to pokemon stuff, in fact i used to love it (both the animated series and the game)… i used to doodle those pokemons during school time in my elementary days, anyway… i built more interest in it when i starting to see more and more pokemon projects here in GMC, especially the number of relevant topics in graphics forum… and i thought i’d like to be part of this something going on.

to know more about the user guide.. well just read the info (f1).

and of course dont forget to say what you think about it… i want to know what i need to do to make this program a quality productive one.
you could suggest and/or comment anything on the program and likewise to the sprites i made in it.

Download Link

Note: this does not generate Back, Icon, and Doll sprites yet.. only Front… but i already have plans on implementing that.

Btw, for some reason (i guess just to compare origs and custom).. i added some original pokemon sprites… they will appear in random order on the preview area when you hit Enter twice.

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  1. Konstantinos says:

    Godo application! I am looking forward for a newer version of it (with side, back etc of each monster implemented). Also, are you planning to update Tradnux 2D animator? It’s really a great software piece. Extremely useful for indie game developers.

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