ActPower² betaIntroductionAct² or Act Squared is the title of a prospected game which I (the developer of the game) have decided to name it after. Although the title suggests a Mathematical subject, the game really has nothing to do with algebraic solving type game or anything likewise… The game is simply a combination of two popular arcade game genres that has something to do with actions and squares; this game is composed of A Puzzler and Role Playing game with a short blend of story…


This game is inspired by an addicting game called “Squarez” by Eric Burgess

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Back Story

In a future not too distant from the present, a certain Mechanical Engineer uncovers the secret of a hidden element, with his brilliance and cunning intelligence he created a unique machine with an armored core that can manipulate the elements hidden within the odd entity called “squares of power”, with this new found technology, war mongering leaders intend to seize this new force of destruction. The great power that lies within this machine is at a near grasp of the malcontent. Gladly, you posses a gift of “square-sight” that gives you the opportunity to master the hidden arts of “Acts”.


In this game, your objective is to survive and maintain your ActCore suit (The Mechanical Robot) while using its deadly acts against the pursuing enemies who wants to take the ActCore for their own evil purposes. To effectively use the ActCore you are required to uncover the elements of Attack, Defense, and Special Acts by searching the “square” entity, each square entities have their own corresponding points for example, a square made up of red elements will give you points that would uncover the basic Offensive skills of your ActCore, each Offensive acts varies in points, the higher the required points the higher damage it can inflict to the enemy, that also goes to the blue and green elements. In this game, you can also upgrade your ActCore’s attributes by obtaining items from Mechanical Merchants or from the enemies you defeated. Your sharp eye and cunning strategy with the use of the powerful weapon at your disposal are the keys to your great escape.

Game Design Concept

The concept of the game is to combine two game genres or two popular types of game play (Puzzle and RPG style game plays). Existing RPG‘s aren’t as challenging unless we try to add the ability for the players to use their mind, sharp eye and strategy at the same time. The graphics remains 2D just like the traditional RPG, but the graphics engine can render great effects that make the game look better. Background music and sound effects also gives flavor to the game. The title “ActPower²” is rhetorical combination of words that simply describes the activities in the game. To put it in words; it’s like “To have the Power to perform an Act you have to find the Squares”.


Mouse left and right click only


Find blocks of the same color that forms a perfect square
select them with left click (you should select them either in
clockwise or c-clockwise, otherwise your selection will be
ignored), once you have selected the four
blocks that forms a square right-click. successful attempt
will grant you points and these points can be used to perform
an action (attack, defense, special) for your ActCore suit.

note: there is no defense acts yet.

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  1. December 15, 2015

    […] is meant to be a remake of my old game called ActPower² or ActPowSquared. It is a demo of an engine to a more complete small game which I plan to develop during the […]

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