Word game engine

Years ago I really enjoyed this fun casual game called Bookworm Adventures made by PopCap (makers of Bejewelled and Plants vs Zombies), its a relaxing little game before going to bed. Then I thought about making a game like that in Game Maker which I already have but I lost it along with other homebrew unfinished projects on my old departed Hard Disk. Now, just recently I saw my wife playing PopCap’s Bookworm Adventures which gave me an idea on what to do with my free version of Game Maker Standard. Make that word game puzzle engine from scratch at the same time relive acquaintances with Game Makers string handling functions… then later, maybe, will do the RPG like elements (just like the Bookworm Adventures game).

So after a day, I got the core engine (for the word puzzle system) ready. I am planning to turn this into a new game somehow, much like the PopCap’s game.

Here’s the Windows version demo of the engine.

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7 Responses

  1. Je Poy says:

    any tutorial how to make this sir?? or the GMX file.. thanks

  2. Jayson Domingo says:

    Sir, can you do a word hunt game.. can’t figure out what to do.. thanks in advance

  1. December 8, 2015

    […] is the tutorial part of the Word Game Engine I posted more than year and a half ago (see it here), so view the page to see the actual demo of […]

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