My First Post

Hello Everyone, this is my first post in my first ever website dedicated to Game Maker’ing, or in other words developing games using this game authoring tool called Game Maker. But to make things clear, this site is all about everything I have ever done in game development or any other thing I’ve made related to it.

Since most of the future content of this site may also revolve around Game Maker which I have been using since around 2004, you will surely be happy about this site if you have been using or just became curious about Game Maker. Apart from that, I may also venture on posting articles about the world of gaming outside Game Maker.

But most of all, this site is where I will post my old and present works, which includes my artistic works, games I’ve made, and application software I’ve written. So basically it’s a blogged portfolio.

I guess that’s all I can talk about for now, but rest assured that there will be more posts soon, so stay tuned.

Happy Day!


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