What’s up?

Apparently, it looks as though I have almost abandoned this site, but lately, some news re-sparked my interest… and that is the announcement of the return of Brigandine (on Nintendo Switch), one of my most favorite game of all time,  I even had a small review post about it.


I saw the trailer and became really excited, then I thought about the similar game (the fan game) I was trying to develop years ago.

So for the past few weeks I have been working on and off on this Brigandine-like game of mine, but it is getting some decent progress which might become topics for my future posts here.

It has been a very long hiatus on my part and I can’t help it, life outside my game dev hobby is pretty demanding. I know there are still people browsing my site somehow, basically because of my Character Sprite sheet but I hope this newly found spark will allow me to continue to do more of this hobby, if enough time is spared for me hopefully.

I just wanted to say that I might post something on the upcoming weeks about what I have been doing game making wise.

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