My Brigandine Fan Game

Or you could call it a “failed knock off attempt fan game” if you will.

But since the announcement of a new Brigandine coming out on Nintendo Switch, I suddenly felt like I am abandoning my life dream of creating my own Brigandine game, and its hard to let it go. Nevertheless, the excitement for the new game became an optimism for me to continue on my own game development, feeling like I can do great game development progress over night, so then I dusted off my old game development archive folders and opened my equally old Game Maker Studio 1.4 (Yes I am stuck on this “no longer supported” version for now).

How’d it began? Well, some three or so years ago I started creating the concept pixel art sprites for testing with a hexagonal grid based system engine made in Game Maker 8 by a guy called DarkExiler. That engine was around a very long time ago (some time during the days of Game Maker 7 even) but it seems not many people takes notice of it even if it is one of the best written engine I’ve seen in a long time, and for a complex subject such as a Hex Grid system, I thought it was a great collection of scripts, truly a hidden gem in the Game Maker Community forums.

The engine unfortunately no longer work on Game Maker Studio, and the author of the engine had already moved on from Game Maker (his site even no longer has the pages about the engine), leaving me no choice but to try fix the scripts and make it work. I got it working on Game Maker Studio and started my Brigandine fan game creating the turn-based system with several test sprites… but then shortly after, life gets a hold of me. I can’t spend any more time on this hobby.

Back to the present, I am now again in an attempt to pick up the game and try to continue developing it.

My still unnamed Brigandine-like game will be in a pixel art graphics, unlike the new game that’s coming out. I don’t think a Brigandine game necessarily has to be 3d, I think that as long as the gameplay mechanics is still the same it will still be a great game. I will state more of the specific game design plans and progress in upcoming posts.

Today I just want to justify my attempt and how I want it to be successful. I’ve seen some crowd-funding attempts at a “Brigandine like game” that are no longer active to this day, the proponents seemed to have just disappeared. There are also similar independent developed games on Steam like “Wills and Wonders” that have seemed to be abandoned as well, all of this stories just gives me more encouragement to try to aim finishing a game where others have seemingly failed. I will not be pessimistic right now.

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