RPG Item Generator Tool

RPG Item Database

(Will be reconstructed)



name: RPG_item_database.exe
status: WIP (alpha)
authoring language: GM6
type: application/tool
author: teejay


This program generates RPG item names and descriptions for you. It also has advanced features that allows you to input more words into the database to have a wide range of different item names and description generated. This program allows you to input words for name, attribute, description, cost, etc… and saves them to a database file. those words will be generated into an item that can be used by the game makers for their RPG games.

Reason i made this is to serve 2 purposes:

1. to study and learn how to organize, manipulate, store data into a database external file
2. to create an application that will theGMaks generate

usable item’s names and properties.


well if incompleteness is a bug… plus…some bugs in data manager, etc..



Download link:



lelo707 (for his gmwindows3.3)
jfactor (for his gmdatagrid)

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