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Updates for Sprite Sheet Char Base 2

I’ve just added 5 new animations to the Character Base Template Sheet: Jump Roll Knockback – Lie Down Super Punch Ledge Traverse Ledge Climb Note: Currently there is no updates for the included GM...


Updates for Sprite Sheet Char Base

The sprite sheet still keeps attracting potential users so I have updated the resource with some new animations plus the inclusion of a Game Maker Studio file to demonstrate the sprites. Update as of...


Sprite Character Base Sheet

We want Game Maker games to have good graphics… so here is my contribution. These are animated sprite sheets templates, I originally had plans on making from it a sprite generator program (all with clothings, hairstyles, skin color, etc.) but I didn’t have much time and enough contributors. So use this as another resource aside from Chumbuckets.

Tiled Sprite Maker 0

Tiled Sprite Maker

TiledSpriteMaker is small tool that allows you to take a tilesheet and design images from it. the main purpose of the creation of this tool is to design and make different kinds of images composed from a tilesheet image.


Tradnux 2d Animator

Tradnux Animator is a 2d animation tool designed to help people in the indie game development scene to quickly create dynamic animated character sprites for their game projects.



Learn the ability of identifying the specular attribute of an object you want to draw.